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Complete Well Drilling & Pump Installation

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To keep your water consistent for years to come, it's important not to slack on needed maintenance and repairs, whether they're for your well or your water pump. You may also need repairs to electrical components and other parts, especially after a storm or similar setback. You can get all this from RJ Schafer & Sons Inc., plus certified water quality testing to ensure your water is safe for your family!

Keep your well pumping strong

Is there anything more important than the quality of the water your family uses every day? Give us a call to have your water tested - we are certified by the National Groundwater Association!

Don't take chances with poor water quality

No matter what your repair or maintenance needs are, you'll get the right help from our team:


      - Pump failure help

      - Electrical component repair

      - Pressure switch maintenance

      - Well abandonment services

      - Damage from lightning and storms

Repair your pump and well to like new condition

Call for FREE estimates on pump and well repairs!



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